This Web Site has been established to commemorate October 11th, 2002 ceremony thanking the Rais-Karoon family for making a major contribution to UCLA.

The Rais-Karoon Computing Laboratory at the Social Sciences Computing Facility is one of the finest instructional facilities at UCLA.  The laboratory was refurbished as a result of a generous donation made by Social Sciences alumnus, Mr. Ali-Reza Karoon in honor of his parents.  Approximately 10,000 UCLA students establish accounts at the facility each year and in doing so receive access to high-powered desktop computers, state-of-the-art instructional software, as well printing and multimedia capabilities.  Mr. Karoon’s donation has made a significant impact on the educational experience of UCLA students.

In the letter below, Mr. Karoon expresses the motivation for his donation:

     “When my parents emigrated from Iran before I was born, my mother studied psychology and home economics at UCLA, and her love of the University inspired me to attend as well. Therefore, in honor of my beloved parents, I have decided to make a gift of $500,000 to support social sciences computing at UCLA.  I am very pleased that Room 2035B of the Public Policy Building, which houses the primary social sciences computer laboratory, will be named "Mehdi and Omolkheir Rais-Karoon Laboratory" in their honor. My family will be proud to know that such a central, heavily used facility will be known by our name to students and faculty in the social sciences, now and in the future. Receiving my B.A. with a double major in political science and history continues to be one of my proudest achievements. I am privileged now to make this gift to the University that has meant so much to my mother, to my family, and to me.”


-Reza Karoon,
Class of 1988


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